Frequently Asked Questions

What payment types are accepted?

SASCA accepts Cash, Checks, Debit, and Credit Cards. Please also have your driver's license ready during check-in.

Do I have to register online?

No, you may register on-site the day of the event but it's easier on both you and us if you preregister online to streamline your time through check-in at the trailer in the morning.

Do I pay online or at the event?

Whether you register online or on-site, you will pay when you check in at the trailer on event day.

How long do I have to preregister online?

You have until midnight two nights before the event to preregister online. If the event is Saturday then you have until Thursday evening.

What if I'm preregistered and I have to change a numer/class/car/etc on event day?

You may change what you need to on event day during the check-in process at the trailer. Just go to the non-preregistered side of the trailer (the side with the computer) in order to change details on your registration.

How do I register for the 'Double' PAX class?

Doubles are no longer pre-register option. We are currently limiting the Double class to the first 15 drivers who sign up at the event. Please see our Doubles Page for more information.