Tech Inspection Checklist

This is a list of items that will be checked in order to pass tech inspection for SASCA autocross. If you have a SASCA annual tech inspection sticker you must perform these checks every event yourself.


No cords showing on any of the 4 tires.

Wheels and Lugs

All lugs in place, suspension is tight, and no play in the wheel bearings.


No fluid leaks under the hood or under the car.


Battery must be secure.

Under hood

Leaks, battery, air cleaner type, modifications (for classing), loose items.


Both brake and accelerator pedals are working properly (firm brake, accelerator returns smoothly).

Loose items

All loose items should be removed from the trunk and the vehicle cabin. Driver’s side floor mat must be removed unless securely mounted.

Seat Belts

Some type of functional seat belt must be used.


Seats must be secure.

Numbers and Class Letters

  1. Numbers should be 2 digits except for 2 driver cars, where one driver will use a 2 digit number, and the second driver will use "1" followed by the same number (e.g. 23 and 123).
  2. Numbers and class letters should contrast with the car color and be large enough for course workers to easily see them.
  3. All numbers and class letters should be on the vehicle before inspection.
  4. Numbers should be 8+" and class letters should be 4+", but the numbers should be noticeably larger than the class letters.
  5. Numbers should be on body panels. No numbers on windows.
  6. Special classing letters such as Novice (N) or Double (D) should precede the classing letters.